So far, over 1000 elementary school pupils in Slovenia have created this Hira TREE
(click on leaves on the right side of the page)
through the workshop "Tree is green everywhere again and again"
and they have discovered that there is

Only 10 % of MADAGASCAR’S FOREST left

We tell you the fairYtales
of Madagascar

You can listen to the music and stories from Madagascar

plant trees in Madagascar
for all of us

we search
chords of
nature and culture


“You have done nothing but listen to songs,
you have done nothing but sing yourself;
you have not listened to men speaking,
and you yourself have not spoken.

What books have you read,
apart from those that preserve the voice of women
and illusory things?

You have sung, but have not spoken,
you have not probed to the heart of things
and cannot know them,”
so say the declaimers and pen-pushers
who laugh to see you glorify
the everyday miracle of sea and sky.

But you go on singing
and astonish yourself by thinking of the prow
that seeks an untraced route
over spreading water
and goes toward unexplored bays.
You astonish yourself by following the flight of the bird
that does not lose its way in the dunes of the sky

and finds in the wind
paths that lead to the native forest.

And the books you write
rustle of unreal things –
unreal by dint of too much being,
like dreams.

Translated by Jacqueline Michaud

Društvo DREVO Sozvočja
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