FairYtale 50 trees

The fairYtales  presented by Malala are a novelty in Slovenia. These are the first traditional fairy tales of Madagascar, translated into Slovene by Malala.  Malala enriches the fairYtales with singing and playing on the traditional Malagasy musical instrument, which is a mixture of tradition and modernity.

Ibotity  (which in Malgasy language means »a little  person« – either a boy or a girl) climbed on a tree, the wind was blowing and blew down the tree. Ibotity fell off the tree and broke his leg. He said to himself, ‘Oh, this tree is the strongest, it broke my leg!’ The tree replied, ‘I am not the strongest. If I was the strongest, could the wind blow me down?’ Ibotity thought and said, ‘So it’s the wind who is the strongest. The wind blew down my tree, the tree broke my leg!’ To which the wind replied, ‘I am not the strongest; I am only strong when the mountains support me.’… And so Ibotity went on a search to find out who in the nature is the strongest, and the living and non-living nature kept giving him the same answer: they are only strong when connected. Everyone is aware of interdependence and cohesion.

In the future, proceeds from each Malagasy FairYtale  will be transferred to Eden Reforestation  for the purpose of planting 50 new trees