The concert for people and forest of Madagascar

The concert was organized in 2010 and was primarily aimed at raising awareness about the problem of the loss of tropical forests in Madagascar, where only 10% of forest areas remained;  the rate of forest loss is among the highest in the world. The problem of deforestation coincides with the beginnings of colonization of the island; the majority believe that the main causes of deforestation are the exploitation of valuable tropical timber for the purposes of wood, furniture, music … industries, intensive coffee production, intensive production of other crops / bananas, vanilla, cocoa…/, exploitation of mineral resources . The second part of the causes is the increase in the number of inhabitants  and traditional farming by burning. But it should be noted that,  particulary from the ethical point of view, over-exploitation of the forest from foreign capital  is incomparably with exploatation which serves the survival of the poor, local population.