Storytelling , public speaking (kabary, hain teny) is very strongly present in the traditional culture of Madagascar. Traditional fairy tales of individual countries and cultures carry the deepest messages. By examining traditional fairy tales, myths and legends of many old civilizations, experts have found common symbols and elements that appear in many famous fairy tales and narratives. Experts have also come to the conclusion that many fairy tales, despite belonging to different cultural circles and traditions, contain a set of the same or very similar elements that reappear even in the same or very similar combinations and mutual relations.

The symbolism of fairy tales has also highlighted the study of  ‘great (archetypal) dreams’, as they also contain symbols similar to those found in fairy tales. By doing so, symbols in fairy tales can be interpreted in their deep, secret, archetypal sense. The existence of ‘archetypal dreams’,  those which point out the need for an internal change in man and the need to re-define the scale of values ​​and priorities suggests that there is an archetype of a person hidden in a collective unconscious or in a kind of non-personal memory that is common to all people. This archetype of a person expresses itself through symbols as human aspiration for integrity and  the realization of not only physical, but also spiritual existence. Symbols in myths, fairy tales and dreams are the ‘voice’ of this archetypal man, who directs each individual to the discovery and realization of his inner strengths and abilities.